About Global Access Platform by India INX

Resident Indians and Investors across the Globe can invest in a wide variety of well-diversified global equity portfolios of renowned global portfolio managers at a lower cost. Investors and traders can invest globally in stocks, ETFs, options, futures, currencies, bonds, and mutual funds from a single integrated account. Under the RBI Scheme of LRS (Liberalized Remittance Scheme) which allows Indian Residents to transfer USD 250000 for investment in equities in global markets, Individual investors can trade and invest in Global Stocks, Bonds, ETFs, and MFs. NRI/Foreign clients can trade in other products, as permitted in their respective countries by opening a single truly global account in the Global Access Platform.

With the Global Access Platform, the investor has access to










Mutual Funds


Global Portfoilos


ETFs and Bonds


For non-residents

13 Benefits

The easy-to-trade global access platform available on Mobile, Web and Desktop provide various benefits to the customers

The other value added services offered are


Integrated terminal for multiple products


Fundamental & technical analysis data for global stocks


Analyst Ratings


Market Overview


Market Scanners

Cost and Pricing

Account opening and Maintenance charges – NIL
Subscription Fees – NIL
Free Trading Application for mobile, desktop and web portal
Fund deposit and Withdrawal (Excluding bank charges)
USD 2 per order executed for US listed stocks. Know More...
please refer the charges on the trading terminal

Start your Global trading and Investment journey with 3 easy steps

Integrated terminal for multiple products

Fund the account digitally

Start investing in Global markets

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